Joico products are all infused with human hair keratin protein, these are in molecule form and are added to joico products in mulitiple sizes to suit every hair care need. The science behind joico products mean that hair is constantly repaired and protected whilst being coloured, shampooed, conditioned and styled.

GK Hair

GK Hair products have the ability to transform hair back to its original healthy, strong, and smooth state. As this is not a chemical treatment it can be carried out on all hair types including hair that has been bleached, highlighted, permed, and relaxed. Depending on hair length and thickness the product application can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours.

The product is applied to cleansed hair and sealed in with a hot iron, this leaves the hair smooth, glossy and rehydrated. The product stays within the hair for between 3 to 5 months, maximum results are maintained by using GK Hair shampoo and conditioner which are sulphate free and non abrasive.